A Behavior Test

Today I went to a leadership workshop at my college, which I signed up for a few months ago. At this workshop, we took a behavior test that showed how we worked in our daily jobs and lives. This test split everyone up into the categories D, i, S, or C. The Ds had 4 people, the is 5, the Ss 5, and the Cs 10. Essentially, the Ds are what I would label as “activators” – they get the ball rolling. is are lively and spontaneous, Ss all-inclusive and people-oriented, and the Cs detail- and task-oriented.

I didn’t notice this fact until I heard another student whisper it, but all the Ds were male, and all the Ss female. I think these results definitely say something about the culture we live in. Men are expected and trained to “question the rules,” “be in charge of their life,” and to “go after what they want.” Women, on the other hand, are more expected to “have things organized and have things stay the same,” “be a patient and good listener,” and “participate in a group rather than lead it.” All of these quotes are directly from the test packet.

I’m proud to say that the S section was lowest for me. While it is a wonderful behavior to have, I think it is important for more women to lean towards D. If more women lean towards this behavior, it may just be possible for women to become better represented in media and our society.

What’s your take on this test and these results? Is it a coincidence? Does it say something about society? Tell me in the comments!


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