Greek Life – Sororities

When I was a kid, I grew up having disdain for sororities. As a woman who never read “women magazines,” or felt a particular need to be extremely “girly,” I just saw sororities as they were portrayed in media – a group of girls who back-stab each other, dominate others in the worst way, and cause drama.

It was only when I had overnight visits at colleges that I got a different viewpoint. I was at Hanover, a college in Indiana, and was given the chance to stay overnight in a sorority house. At first, I was wary, but soon afterwards, I felt comfortable and happy. These girls studied together, shared interests and important moments, and were very close. They enjoyed and truly cared for one another. It was a great support system, and they worked diligently towards their Philanthropy.

It was around this time that I figured I might want to try out Greek Life. So, I ended up at my current university. Here, one does not sleep in a sorority house. There are houses, but they are just for meetings, studying, and events. I rather like this, as it gives those in sororities the ability to expand past their sisters. They are not ostracized, and they are not exclusive in their friends. They get well-rounded friend groups, and stay grounded as people.

So, I’ve been rushing this semester. It’s been a wonderful experience, except I’ve found there are a lot of things I’m unsure about. The lack of diversity is one problem, but it’s another to see people get crushed because they weren’t chosen. I haven’t exactly gotten to Bid Day yet, but we had a recent round where you were either asked back to a sorority or not. I had a few friends who were not invited back at all, and I was personally only invited back to one.

I hate it. It gives a feeling of inadequacy to those who rush, but get refused. It makes one feel as if one isn’t likable, interesting, intelligent, funny, pretty, or perfect enough. And I realize this may be one of the only situations in life where I am wholly judged on my personality.

However, I am continuing with rush. Maybe there is something to be gained from all of this, even if I don’t get a choice in which sorority I join. Obviously, there are pros and cons with this system, and I don’t know if anyone can be an accurate judge on whether it is ultimately good or bad. Those who choose to not join Greek Life may be doing so out of bias against it, those who join Greek Life may have a bias for it, and those in the middle are too confused to understand it.

What are your thoughts? Do you like or dislike sororities? Are/Have you been a part of one? Tell me in the comments!


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