For 2012…

So, I’ve been gone for quite some time. I’ve been a lazy failure; I wasted five months when I could have been productive on this blog. I nearly abandoned “A Misplaced Commentary,” and all it was worth too, despite how much I loved it. However, with the new year, my attitude has changed. I have realized that if I really, truly love this blog, I need to stick with it. And that’s what I’m doing.

I’ve changed a lot in the past five months. I guess that comes with graduating high school, going to Europe for two weeks, and beginning to party a bit. It comes with going to college, embracing Feminist ideals I was always too afraid to admit, and finally gaining some comfort in not knowing my sexuality. I’m unbelievably happy now, and I can’t wait to become more involved with this blog once again.

And, perfectly enough, this first post, like my second-ever post, will be about New Years. But…I think it would be fun to first look at my resolutions for last year and see if I fulfilled them.

From 2011:

1) Find out who I am – Now, in the original post I said I wasn’t sure if I would figure it out in a year, but I think I did a pretty fantastic job. I may need to figure out my political standpoint and gain a little more confidence, but I can say that I certainly never expected to be the person I am now. That person has truly gone above and beyond on this New Years resolution.

2) Have control – As I said in the other post, this would only come with college. And wow, was I right! I finally got it, thank goodness, and I’m never letting go.

3) Learn how to approach life – Maybe this one could use some work. However, one thing I said in the blog post last year was, “With more control over my life next year, I’ll be able to make life choices that’ll teach me how to do this.” This is true, and will be apparent in the New Years resolutions I have made for 2012.

For 2012:

1) Read 100 books.

2) Write for “A Misplaced Commentary” regularly.

3) Run Mon-Fri before classes.

4) Try yoga.

5) Drink water at all meals, and often outside of meals.

6) Become more rigorous about my face-washing regimen.

7) No dessert.

8) No french fries.

9) No biscuits & gravy for breakfast.

Some are trivial, some are very big. I think I’ll be able to manage most of these, and I certainly hope 2012 will be as good a year as 2011 was. What are your New Years resolutions? How do you want 2012 to go?


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