Dystopian Novels & Humanity

I just finished a book I got from my school library called The Maze Runner. I think if I hadn’t had the sequel, The Scorch Trials, recommended to me on Amazon, I probably wouldn’t have tried it. Regardless, I checked it out and finished it all in the same day.

I think this book was about losing our humanity, our ability to destroy the Earth, and what our future will be if we continue down our current path with technology. I love stories with this topic; it’s always so stressful and heart-wrenching, but full of hope. However, I also get scared too. I don’t want my future to be emotionless and full of destruction.

But I’ve noticed that whenever I run into that worry, I always have this positive belief that our future won’t be that way. I don’t think it’s possible for us to lose our humanity because of our work and technology. I think, when it comes down to it, we’ll all realize we aren’t machines. We’ll realize what is truly important to us. Besides, the world that we – the teens, young adults – are inheriting, can be fixed. We just have to be able to band together and do the work.

Anyway, here is a link that I included on dystopian novels:


It’s a number of young adult authors talking about their views on dystopian novels – where they originate, why they’re so popular, and more. Hope you enjoy it!

PS. This was written quite a few months ago as a part of my diary series. I just looked at it and figured I might want to go ahead and post it. Expect another post explaining my hiatus!


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