Too Much?

So, I added something new to my list of internet accounts. On top of Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Livejournal, Youtube, Feedly, and my two emails…I now have a Tumblr.

While I won’t deny being excited about this new addition, I have to admit that I am a little wary of it. What can I honestly gain from all of these different sites? Is it a waste of time to have all of them, when they’re all so similar?

Maybe. Probably. And my brain does feel ready to explode from all of these different interfaces. I feel as if I’m stretched too thin. It’s already hard enough dealing with all the different IM accounts I have. Because of that, I’ve found Trillian, which makes it so I only have to log into one IM screen when I get on the computer.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be anything like that for these multiple interfaces I use. However, I have them organized very well in my bookmarks bar. First, emails. Following that, FB and Twitter. Then I have my multitude of blogging sites: Tumblr, WordPress, Livejournal. Finally, Youtube and Feedly.

Now, the problem is…how do I decide when to use which interface? An organized mind like mine needs this to be laid out.

Gmail – all-around email
myD – my school email
Facebook – a way to see all friends thoughts & my random thoughts
Twitter – quick “shout-outs” to friends & random updates
Tumblr – my interests
Wordpress – long posts that require effort
Livejournal – random blurbs
Feedly – All blogs, excluding Tumblr

So, do you have multiple social networking sites you use? How do you decide when to use which one? But most importantly, do you think they are all worth your time? Leave a comment below!


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