Cutting the Fine Arts

Recently, we got a new governor. He’s decided to cut an unbelievable amount of money from education, and that now means that my school has to do budget cuts.

You should know where this is headed – the choir program. At my school we have three choirs: Mixed, Women’s, and Senior. Plus, we have two smaller groups, one boy- and one girl-group. It took seven years of hard work from my choir teacher to build the current program up and, considering how small my school is, what he has made is unbelievable. At a school of 600 students, 25% is in choir. Not only that, but my choir – Senior choir – has recently raised over $7,000 (to combat Alzheimer’s and cancer) with two other schools just by singing. We’re actually doing the world some good.

But for some reason, our Board of Education thinks it’s appropriate to cut our budget. And I get it – something has to be cut. However, I wish that the Board would look to my school to truly understand what to cut. My school thrives on drama, choir, art, and Cappies (the writing program associated with theater) and it is what we are best at. It is where we are most competitive and where we never fail to do our best. And I am almost positive that football will  not get cut – and we never win a single game.

There’s obviously a lot of layers to this problem, and unfortunately, I won’t be much help next year because I’ll have graduated. But, despite all this bad that is looming over my school’s fine arts programs, I’m sure that it’ll work out. Kids are volunteering to teach choir at the elementary school twice a week if it gets cut, and are clamoring to make choir an after-school program if it’s pulled from the curriculum. People are talking of petitions and getting the Board to hear out the students. (It’s not like they listen to the teachers.)

Anyway, I’m sorry this post took so long to write. It’s not much, but we’re still a little unsure of what is going to happen to the Fine Arts program. And I’ve been so distraught over this news that I needed to take some time before I wrote about it.

Oh – and stay posted! This entry has reminded me of a related topic I want to bring up next. 🙂


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