How to Party as a High Schooler

Actually, don’t. Unless your parties are without drugs and alcohol, that’s what I’d advise. There’s too much that can be put at risk, and after what I’ve seen at my school, I would say the consequences aren’t worth it. (Plus, I don’t really see how it could be considered fun.)

I go to an extremely small school, especially considering it’s public, and it’s easy for stories and rumors to travel. I’m not sure if a lot of this story is true, but the basic facts seem to stay the same. A girl had a party, got alcohol poisoning, and somehow the administration of my school found out and are now taking action. They are checking Facebook pictures and questioning people, punishing those who were at the party, and shutting down future parties. Now, it’s not a surprise that my peers are upset about all this – our administration is new, and the last one we had did not bother to truly discipline us. It’s not as if we took over the school and were running rampant, but we didn’t get in trouble for what happened outside of school, and the punishments we got were not nearly as strict, nor were the rules so strictly enforced.

So, I believe that part of the frustration stems from the unexpected discipline. However, a lot of it also stems from the belief that they should not be disciplined for what happens outside of school. I also believed this too, until my teacher explained why the administration is acting.

In the simplest terms, while enrolled at a high school, the school is considered the guardian of the student. It is the administration’s duty to act if illegal actions are going on, and that’s by law. It makes sense too. The idea that students have the freedoms America is believed to have while in school is actually very wrong.

I don’t know what to think of that, though. I understand why the administration is acting (especially because the actions are illegal), but is it right that we lose those freedoms? Also, what are those freedoms that I’m talking about? It’s such a vague statement.

What do you think?


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