Facebook – Stop Whining

One thing I can’t stand are the Facebook complainers. You know who they are – the ones who are always whining about whatever drama/game/popular topic is taking up their news feed. I detest their moaning – so much so that it makes me want to have a heated rant. (Thank God I have a blog.)

Have you heard of the Zodiac changes? It’s been covered in the news recently. Essentially because of the planet’s movement over the years, a new Zodiac has been added to the list. This has caused Zodiac dates to move around. Of course, this is only the Eastern Zodiac, which is based in astronomy. The Western Zodiac is based in seasons, so that has stayed the same.

Well, I posted a simple Facebook status about how I was still a Capricorn – “I am still 100% Capricorn. Deal with it, Ophiuchus.*”

Someone’s response was, “What’s so important about that? It’s just a zodiac sign.”

First of all, I’m not saying it’s important. I wasn’t panicking, crying, or having a fit over the Zodiac. I was trying to be witty – sorry you couldn’t catch it. (It is the internet.)

Secondly, making comments like that gives me the impression that you want CNN to be posting on your news feed. But here’s the reality – Facebook is a social networking site. It is meant for ordinary people to post their thoughts, feelings, and opinions; Then, use them to interact. I do not have to say anything important. Actually, I generally do not post important things on Facebook because that is personal and not something I need to shout to the world.

This is just one of my biggest pet peeves. I can understand being annoyed with Facebook, but if it bothers someone that much why do they have one?

How do you feel about Facebook? Any pet peeves?

*Ophiuchus being the new Zodiac name added to the Eastern Zodiac.

PS. I am so sorry I didn’t update last week. I had a full week of school (compared to the two days the week before), plus meetings and tests. I was very overwhelmed. This weekend I wasn’t even home unless I was asleep. I promise to update again on Tuesday or Thursday!


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