Today in AP English, my class was taking notes on the different types of AP questions. Under the “Factual Knowledge” category, there was a sub-heading of “Cultural.” It’s self-explanatory, but our teacher gave an example – a question about an allusion to Christianity. A kid in my class immediately questioned it, though.

“Does that violate separation of church and state?”

Another student was instantly annoyed, saying that it wasn’t brainwashing or intentional – but I have to say I agreed with the former’s questioning. What if there’s a kid who moves to America from a completely different country, has a completely different religion, and has a limited knowledge on Christianity? They would get the question wrong – and what would they say? “Sorry I have a different religion”? Is it okay to be penalized for that?

I certainly don’t think so. America is a land of equal men and women. Therefore, of equal religions. How is it fair for all those who have interacted with Christianity to get the question right, but those who have not done so to get the question wrong?

But then again, maybe it is just one of those things that are best looked over – that are inconsequential. After all, the majority of America is some form of Christian. Maybe there’s something more important to worry about.

What do you think?


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