Senior Quote

I chose my senior quote to go in the Yearbook. In a way, I’m surprised at my choice. I always assumed I would pick a quote by JK Rowling because she has affected my life so deeply. Harry Potter is a story I love and think about every day. It has impacted me on thousands of choices in life.

However, I actually chose a quote from a recent influence on my life – John Green, author and Youtuber from the vlogbrothers. I like his books well enough, but I think the reason why I chose a quote from him is because it really resonates with me, as opposed to JK Rowling’s quotes, which are all true, but do not resonate with me.

“Our role as humans is to recognize the complexity of others.”

This is something I think would make the world a fantastically better place. If everyone followed this, it would clear up thousands of disagreements and create thousands of new friendships. But most importantly, I think it would eliminate the feelings of loneliness and confusion that come with our impaired visions of each other.

What senior quote would you choose? Why?


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